One size fits all approach does not work. Human beings have their own unique needs and SKK are committed to providing our clients an individualized service that meets their needs and goals. Our services are based on a social model of recovery and integrate evidence-based research to guide our practice.

SKK Process

Once the referral has been accepted, a facilitator in partnership with the client will work towards creating an intervention plan. Assessments include interaction with the individual, observations of the individual in current living environment and interviews of significant people within the person’s life. This includes collaboration with the NDIS Support Coordinator and other service providers within the individual’s care team.

How We Offer Support Through NDIS

Behavioral Therapy and Support

If you have an existing NDIS plan, then you may be eligible to access our behavioral supports under Core Support and Capacity Building. Positive behavior support involves engagement to build on client strengths and develop opportunities for skill building. By encouraging positive behavior, the frequency and the severity of the behavior can be reduced.

Whether you are feeling anxious, depressed, angry, confused or generally overwhelmed, we can help you learn new ways to lead your emotions, identify coping strategies and capabilities so you can be more confident. We offer 1-on-1 or group support sessions to help you develop healthier relationships and improve wellbeing.

We engage you and your care team to break down unwanted or distressing behavior and work together to devise a behavior management strategy to help you manage these feelings in a resourceful way.

Once we have gained insight into a person’s behavior, the next step is to develop strategies to encourage appropriate behavior through a positive, human-centered approach. We create with you individualized strategies that are responsive to your needs while developing pro-social behavior and improving the quality of your life.

When developing an intervention plan, we observe any known behavior, identify what causes or contributes to this behavior and devise a range of possible approaches and strategies for change. Therapists help break down desired behaviors into small, achievable tasks.

Occupational Therapy

Our SKK Occupational therapist delivers support through home or center-based assessment, life skills training, home modification and equipment prescription, works in close collaboration with a range of health professionals and other community-based service providers to deliver the best outcomes for the client, their family and carers. Our therapists:

  • • plan, deliver and evaluate occupational therapy to NDIS clients to improve their skills, independence, and participation.

  • • Perform a range of intervention strategies to address needs that relate to activities of daily living, functional performance, fine motor skills motor planning, perceptual motor, and sensory processing

  • • Conduct comprehensive assessments and reports.

Support Coordination

Our SKK team is committed to strengthening healthy connected and inclusive communities. Our Support Coordinators assist you to navigate the NDIS and effectively implement your NDIS plan with the intention of achieving your individual goals. We assist you to build your capacity to make decisions and choices about the implementation of all supports in your NDIS plan. We use a person-centered approach partnering with you and your carers to:

  • • Enable you to find and choose the right supports and services to meet your needs.

  • • Increase your capacity to understand the NDIS and make the most of your funding.

  • • Negotiate solutions with multiple stakeholders, building capacity and resilience.

  • • Establish and maintain links with your local community and

  • • Transform your goals into real achievements.

The SKK Group has officially applied for NDIS service provider registration and will be expected to gain NDIA registration shortly. In the interim, The SKK Group can only engage with participants whose NDIS Plans are either self-managed or plan managed.

Mental Health Support Work

SKK Mental Health Support team help people in their homes and community to develop skills to manage day to day tasks. Our goal is to empower individuals to act, promote independence and enhance confidence. This role focuses on supporting people with their mental health needs and behaviors of concern in line with SKK’s model of social recovery.

We partner with you to improve your self-awareness, how you relate to others and recognize your own and others emotional states. Through exploration we support you to increase your problem-solving skills, build self-help skills and build your capacity to self-regulate.

We invest in the development of life skills with you to improve your mental health and psychosocial wellbeing. Our mental health support workers unite with you to develop strategies to adapt with different situations, develop coping mechanisms to ensure any behavioral response is safe and respectful both at home, work or in the community. Our team delivers individualized tools and resources to improve daily living skills.We encourage your development of daily living skills, help you improve your capacity for self-care, and together we build an intervention plan.

Our team provides focused interventions, psychosocial education and mentoring to individuals.

Therapeutic Empowerment Groups

Human beings are social beings. Group work can provide a break from isolation, help you acquire a fresh perspective that can shape your own and others understanding of emotions, and to breakthrough patterns of behavior to move towards a journey of self-discovery. Through workshops we promote active engagement, explore skill based and wellbeing activities.

SKK therapeutic groups are inclusive, built upon the shared personal experience and empathy of each individual attending. Our support groups are focused on positive reinforcement, amplifying strengths, and working towards building capacity.


Group workshops can take you from a place of isolation to one filled with a sense of inclusion and belonging, full of people who will listen to you with an open heart and connect with you. It is an opportunity to access multiple supports that contribute as a solid foundation for moving forward. Our aim is to support our clients to build a stronger sense of self respect, self-worth, confidence, and self- acceptance.

Sense of Belonging
Listen With An Open Heart
Access Multiple Supports
Build Esteem System

Who Can Access Our Services

Registered NDIS client.

Have a mental health, behavioral challenge or learning difficulty that affects your ability to take part in everyday activities.

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